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What's good fam? It's your girl Yami Tsunami officially welcoming yall to my new blog site. With the help of Paris and Jena', I will be able to talk and connect with all of yall. Thanks for coming by and shout out to my A BIG SHITTERS AND YAMI fans! Love Ya! and Prepare to be Yaminated!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yami's a counselor too??? Hmmmm....

Last night/this morning if you tuned in we got to meet Yami's ex boyfriend/best friend Rock---E(yea it's spelled like that LOL). At first he was shy to meet the fam (with his Dustin from B5/Lil J lookin ass), but he finally gave in and spent some time with us. As the night progressed it turned into the Dr. Yami show cause Rock had some serious issues with his chick. Along with our help, Yami tried to help Rock through this situation. But in all it was yet another hott ass show from our girl Yami that wasn't over til 9:10 AM this morning. Yepppp our girl has mad love for her fam!!!!

Oh and the word of the day is CONVERSE! Learn it and add it to your vocabulary. Thanks to Yami the walking Encyclopedia/Dictionary for that one! MAN IN THE BROOTS!!!!

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