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Friday, June 26, 2009


When I think of Michael Jackson , I think of a musical genius , legend, and a iconic mogul. Michael Jackson was intuitive as it relates to the world, He fought for world peace and respect. Michael Jackson laid The foundation for many artist today through his musical style , dance and performance . Michael Jackson will continue to inspire today’s artist . There will never be another Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson Inspired, mesmerized, he brought joy to us for five decades , that’s truly amazing . Michael Jackson was the best performer of all time, he was without doubt the King Of Pop . No one could ever accomplish what Michael Jackson achieved . He bought the universe together to fight for world hunger, peace , and racial equality .Michael Jackson has touched so many lives and will never be forgotten . This is Definitely a surreal moment for all , but let us make this despairing occasion a time of celebration for Michael in his honor.

Here I Have posted a collection of songs Michael has created over the years . Rock Out Family To sweet harmony of MJ!

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  1. nice jackson tribute, i applaud u took time 2 do this, it show u really care..check mine out cutthroatbaby.blogspot.com