WELCOME from Yami!

What's good fam? It's your girl Yami Tsunami officially welcoming yall to my new blog site. With the help of Paris and Jena', I will be able to talk and connect with all of yall. Thanks for coming by and shout out to my A BIG SHITTERS AND YAMI fans! Love Ya! and Prepare to be Yaminated!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Special Shoutout

We most definitely have to give a special shout out to our girl Ashleigh aka OneToBeEnvied for the crazy ass banner she made for The Big Shit Academy!!! She held it down for the fam!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the banner! Fam show her some love on her twitter which is www.twitter.com/OneToBeEnvied!!! Much love to u Ashleigh!
Oh and shout out to the RECESS CREW!!!!! KEKEKKEKE

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