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What's good fam? It's your girl Yami Tsunami officially welcoming yall to my new blog site. With the help of Paris and Jena', I will be able to talk and connect with all of yall. Thanks for coming by and shout out to my A BIG SHITTERS AND YAMI fans! Love Ya! and Prepare to be Yaminated!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If you haven't heard by now Yami really is in jail. Most thought it was a joke when she sent out this tweet last night: "so I'm being locked up right now...twitterin with handcuffs on".

Many took this as a joke and replied to Yami to stop playing but as today progressed people began to worry because we hadn't got word of anything else. But around 8 tonight we found out that she was serious and even Teyana sent out a tweet saying: "Yo yami did a big shit she got locked up free yamizzzzzzzz lmfao just got off the jail phone with her".

Fam please keep Yami in your prayers and when we find out more information I promise we will let you know. FREE YAMI FREE YAMI!!! GO FORMIDABLE FOR YAMI OR GO HOME!

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