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What's good fam? It's your girl Yami Tsunami officially welcoming yall to my new blog site. With the help of Paris and Jena', I will be able to talk and connect with all of yall. Thanks for coming by and shout out to my A BIG SHITTERS AND YAMI fans! Love Ya! and Prepare to be Yaminated!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quote of the Day AND a new phrase...

Just got the quote of the day straight from the YAMINATOR herself...

"Roll up in your cocoon, so you can come out a bomb ass butterfly, and fly past all the lame ass caterpillars."

Hmm... Ponder on that!

And the new phrase is when someone is doing something bigger than a big shyt then it is "THE SHIT of THE MOTHAFUCKIN BIG"

Fam yall already know what it is! The Big Shit Fam: Get With it or GET FLUSHED!!!!

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